MiquelriusWell – I love journalling and sketching.

So, I have bought a several smaller notebooks such as the Moleskine and the Miquelrius notebooks to try out. After 1 year or so of writing in them I think I have to say I love the look and feel of the Miquelrius notebook. First I love the soft flexable cover – A very leather like or Moleskine type feel but not made of hard cardboard but can be folded back on itself.

But For Mine I hacked it and designed a leather cover to house and protect it. It is designed to hold the front and back cover and has a flap that holds in and then closes it up and even has room for my favorite fountain pen on the end. (I promise to take some photos of it and post it) it is a little too hard to describe
I have to admin I love the graph paper rules on the pages and the paper hold the ink from my fountain pens (I use noodlers black ink) and it will not show thru on the other side. I find the Lamy Safari w Extra Fine Nib is wonderful on this paper. I just gives me a good feeling as I work and design using this notebook.

Below are a few links to some comparisons and info on this Notebook.

43 Folders