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Today’s Find is a nice GTD/Organization Hack – I use this to carry all my Club Cards now on one printout and it saves a ton of space in my Wallet and I keep one in my Organizer. So, I am never without my Club Cards. Locally we have these for the grocery store which I emailed asking to be added to his list. This will help out as I am not alway the one going into the grocery store and the more money you accumulate on your card the more you can get taken off of your gas bill. My friends wife this past week bought enough to get .80 Cents off a gallon of gas. And she waits to full up her car. I used 18 gallons * .80 Cents for a savings of $14.40 cents on her Gas Tank Fillup.  So instead of paying $43 dollars to fill up She only paid 28.62. That means she bought alot of food but it is still nice to have those savings even when she does clip coupons (Feels like you are getting one over on the grocery store) Well Sorta.

You can use this site for all of these types of cards – CVS – Giant – Eckard Drugs Etc… So enjoy the savings both to your wallet and how you keep your id’s together.

Just One Club Card – Combine All Of Your Club Cards