Free CD - Install on Secure PCAn experiment carried out within London"s square mile has revealed that employees in some of the City"s best known financial services companies don"t care about basic security policy.

CDs were handed out to commuters as they entered the City by employees of IT skills specialist The Training Camp and recipients were told the disks contained a special Valentine"s Day promotion.

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Similar experience with this as people at the place I previously worked at installed Screen Savers – Web Graphic Programs – Weather Tools – all containing Spyware and Adware.

One computer I had to clean was running so slow It took several attempts to remove all the crap located on the pc. We I ran LavaSofts AdAware and had over 1800 items in its list of potential issues. And in this extreme case I had the manager write up the person and let them know that the are doing this against company policy and that it should be stopped. The funny thing is that the manager didn"t realize this was an issue either and his computer needed to be cleaned as well.

So, handing out a cd with a valentines day promotion on it doesn"t surprise me that people tried to install it even with all the warnings.

Just think about all the things that people hand out while you are walking around town – free samples – free junk galore – and most people would not think about the issues of using something that was given to you by a stranger.

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