Found this interesting blog entry on using a PAD (Personal Analog Device) and not using a PDA.

Quote from chrisbrogan"s blog:

But for me, for getting things done, for GTD as the kids call it, I like my PAD. (Someone else coined the phrase "personal analog device." Please remind me who.)

Pads are portable– I can whip my memo pad out of my pocket easy cheesy. AND I can sit on it.

Pads are fast– I can boot my pad in the time it takes to flip the cover.

No special language– Instant handwriting recognition.

Great Graphics– I can render pictures in incredible detail.

Always synched!– What"s on the page is true until I cross it off.

Theft-resistant– Who wants to steal a cheap notepad?

He recommends Mead Notebook

I Recommend the Moleskine Reporter.


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