razrcellphoneI have been using this with my new cell phone and it is working great – How many times have you been out and about and not near a computer and would like to look up some basic info. Well now you can with Google SMS.

Google SMS enables you to send various queries in the form of SMS text message from your cell phone to google and fairly easily get a decent answer. It will not send you the web page or links – just the text. Yup like Joe Friday – Just the Text Mam, just the text.

Google SMS is pretty easy to use. on line they have a easy to cut out and put in your wallet Tip Sheet(PDF) but if your forgot it and need help you can send the text HELP to GOOGLE (46645) Yup Google with out the E. and depending on how busy your service is you should get a text message back with in a few minutes.

Some sample queries that I have use
PIZZA 15122 Get the listing of pizza places in the zip code.
PIZZA HUT, West Mifflin PA Where Pizza Hut is and Phone Number
JOHN SMITH, 15122 Tells me John Smith"s Phone Number from Zip 15122
From PIT to 500 Grant Street, Pittsburgh PA Gives me Driving Directions from Airport Code to Street (Pretty Accurate)
KING KONG 15122 Gives me movie times for King Kong playing around Zip Code
KING KONG Movie name by itself gives you Movie Running time MPA Rating, Critics Rating etc…
WEATHER 15122 Gives me Weather for that ZIP Code
WMT Gives me the latest Stock Quotes for Walmart (WMT)
PRICE 0596007779 Gives Price form book (ISBN) or UPC or Product Name
WHO WROTE MATRIX Gives basic answer – Great for settling bar questions (or cheating at bar trivia) Hehe
D CONDENSES Gives you the Definition of a word
PENGUINS Gives you sports updates on that team
1 MILE IN FEET Google Calculator help solve basic math problems – better then the built in calc.
19.95 USD IN GBP How much is $19.95 in British Pounds

Well the list can go on and on – But I find this to be a great time saver and nice to have this at hand at all times.

Some Cell Phones that Support SMS Messaging:
Motorola RAZR V3 TMO to Go Prepaid Phone (T-Mobile) Motorola MPx220 Smartphone (Cingular) Motorola PEBL Phone (T-Mobile)

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