computerbedWhat an interesting desk design – The computer bed. This is a modified Murphy bed – This has been available since 2002 and it uses a sturdy metal bed frame and wooden slats. To assist the operation of this bed it uses gas pistons to help you make your bed before your girlfriend comes over. This company also has several other options like the Euro Sofa Bed, the Euro Desk Bed, and many others. But they are not cheap. $2079 for the bed – $275 for shipping and this is only available in twin size. If you have a small apartment this is the way to go.

And while checking out the Computer Bed – Check out the Twirly Bed – Wonder when business’ will be putting these into the workers offices to get even more time out of their employees. I know there were many a night I wish I could have slept at work when I was called in to reboot a server at 4am – Could have went in and slept at the office for the early Morning Call as to what happened the night before.