rfidchipWired Online has an interesting article about the Underground RFID hacking scene and show how easily it is for someone to brush up against you and steal your RFID. Yes the ones that many Credit Card Companies are using for those quick pay cards – The Turnpike E-Z Pass – The Social Security and Passport IDs – even the swipe cards used to get into security rooms and many business’.

Here is an excerpt from Wired:

“I just need to bump into James and get my hand within a few inches of him,” Westhues says. We’re shivering in the early spring air outside the offices of Sandstorm, the Internet security company Van Bokkelen runs north of Boston. As Van Bokkelen approaches from the parking lot, Westhues brushes past him. A coil of copper wire flashes briefly in Westhues’ palm, then disappears.

Makes me want to make a wallet out of foil or at least a RFID Blocking wallet like these guys did.