3X5 case with Composition Lab Notebook - Leather JournalMy jaw dropped when I saw this on their site this morning – I am in office porn heaven. This has to be one of the niceest looking and extremely useful GTD items I found lately. I am a firm believer in the 3×5 card system and this is a very nice way to store / sort them and use them to the fullest extent. I would love to be able to give you a more in depth review of this. If I ever pick up one of these I will. But in the mean time – This Leather 3×5 Card Case has 12 slots or areas to store your index cards and still be able to see the top 3/4 to 1 inch of the card (This is where you would keeps your Meta Notes of the card) You can follow the GTD system putting your @ cards and still have notes and current issues easily at hand. Besides having your notecards within easy access you can store a standard composition / lab notebook available everywhere. This is a very nice option as you are not stuck searching for a hard to find refill that only sorta fits. The quality of this leather journal looks like it would be much nicer then some of the leather products from Levenger but hard to tell from the photos. I can’t wait to save up and purchase one of these babies. If I ever get one of these I will give everyone a better review of this product at that time. And lastly while Checking out Renaissance-Art’s Website they also have other 3×5 card products to fall in love with. Such as the 3×5 card case that holds 50 index cards with a snap closure and it looks like it will hold a pen as well inside. and don’t forget the handy 2 sided 3×5 card case use that can hold and be used to write with.

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