motherdayYes, mothers day is in a few days and if you have not already bought her something. (Shame on you) But,you can always send her an e-card.

Well, SiteAdvisor has a list of 10 eCard sites to STAY AWAY from. All the offending sites just love to spam you and the receipant after you send your card out. – sent out Auto Loan and Credit card ads to the person the card was sent to and kept sending 36 emails a week afterwards.

And Forget about using – They were one of the highest amounts of spam where the test email account received over 1075 messages per week. WOW!! – was horrible – they used Active X prompt to install adware into your computer (What a gift to your mom).

But don't despair you can still send an ecard. With SiteAdvisors help the list several very good sites (Such as to send a card from that will not spam or install vicious software on your Moms PC.

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