us canada 1Yes you read the title right – free phone calls to the end of the year. Skype is offering (if you live in the USA or Canada) Free calls to any Landline or Mobile # as long as they are in the USA or Canada as well. According to their webpage there are no strings attached. You don’t need to do any credit cards, no prepayments and no minimum use, Basically it is there to use for free. This is a great money saver for people that still make calls and don’t have a good cell phone plan to make their long distance calls.

Here is a quote from their site on how to use this if you didn’t buy any skype credits:

Note that if you haven’t bought any Skype Credit, your Skype client may still tell you something about needing to buy some before you can use SkypeOut. Just disregard that and place your call. It will work fine :) We already had this for toll-free 800 numbers where you could call them for free without actually buying any credit so we know this works. And it works on all platforms where SkypeOut is available, which at this time means Windows, Mac, Linux and Pocket PC.

This also works with call forwarding. If you have call forwarded to your US or Canadian phone or cell number and someone calls you from the US or Canada, it gets forwarded to your phone or cell and it costs you nothing. If you get a call from another country, the forwarding costs you the standard calling rate. Note that this is not applicable with SkypeIn – calls received with SkypeIn and then forwarded with SkypeOut cost you the standard rates.

As far as we know, this is the first time in history when unlimited calls to a standard telephone network are free without any form of payment or subscription. That’s kind of cool.

Enjoy – I know I will.

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