visual thesaurusToday, for some work I was doing I was needing to find another word for something I was writing. I needed a Thesaurus – I know there are several online. Some are a Pay for use service like Visual Thesaurus – I really love (adore, worship, passion, fond of) this service. Honestly I don’t like the idea of paying a monthy fee to use something like this. I might buy the CD version as I could use it anywhere and it doesn’t require a internet connection. (I would rather buy the Book Version like I did with the Merriam-Websters Dictionary which included the CD and 1 Year to the online Version.)

As for the Visual Thesaurus I did find a version that works fairly well – Called the Lightweight Visual Thesaurus by A Word Like. Plus it is Free. It only works in Firefox 1.5 or better. Those two cover the basic Visual thesauri.

I then came across the basic online additions at Merriam-Websters and one of the best online reference resources at References at Yahoo under the Education Category.

M-W – Give you access to their Dictionary and Thesaurus for free. You need to pay to have access to their newer Collegiate or Unabridged Versions. (Free with Purchase of there hardback edition)

Yahoo Education Reference – Give you access to several books online. Such as the American Heritage Dictionary 4th edition, American Heritage Spanish Dictionary 2nd Edition, Roget’s II: the New Thesaurus, Columbian Encyclopedia, Columbia World of Quotations, Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body, World Factbook and finally the Conversion Calculator. All in all each has their good points and bad points.

To help sort this info out – Check out the Gale – Reference Reviews. They review and test all the different online Thesaurus and Dictionary sites and tell you which ones had the best words and features.


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