cross cut paper shredderI have been needing a paper shredder for quite some time. I have been storing all my sensitive and personal documents that I didn’t want to just throw out.

I have been putting off buying a shredder for a while. Well until I found this one. As always I will not just buy something. I have to do the research first and see what is best for the money I am going to be spending.

I came up with is the Aurora 10-sheet Crosscut Paper Shredder. I chose this one because it will do a nice smaller sized Crosscut Shred as opposed to the traditional straight paper cut. This just makes it that much harder to see my sensitive papers.

The other feature I really wanted was a way to destroy my backup cds once they were no longer needed. I tried breaking them in half but that almost sent me to the hospital with the little slivers flying everywhere and I then had to vacuum up really well as I didn’t want to step in the small shards of CDs.

This unit will do 10 sheets at a time. Some of the others in this price range was only 4 or 5 sheets.

As I mentioned this will shred CDs into un-usable strips of plastic. (Also shredding Credit Cards.) As I really didn’t want anyone trying to get my records and backup info off cds I burned. And this way is just so much safer.

I feel this will help me cut down (Pun intended) on my clutter I have accumulated. I have stacks of items I wanted to throw out but hesitated as it had confidential material on it.

Keeping with the Getting Things Done (GTD) point of view. I am de-cluttering my office by finally being able to rid myself of piles of junk mail.

To top off this – Shredding can be really relaxing. I enjoyed sitting at the shredder destroying years of my personal history. (Insert Evil Laugh Here)

So Go and Buy yourself one today. You will not regret it.


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