network rack letter traysOK here is one project I am putting on my GTD list right away. A quick and easy way to help me keep my desk a little neater.

This is such a wonderful Idea. He took 2 (2 Packs) of Rubbermaid Letter trays (Model 74095) and build a nice looking network rack. Keeping all the wires and wall warts placed neatly on his desk.
Such a simple Idea. I wish I had thought of this. The complete description and plans are found on Flickr.

Now, seeing this Idea. I can think of a few other Ideas to use these trays for. Like adding 2 more trays to the bottom to actually use for Paper or items I need to use on a daily basis. Would be nice to find a small plastic container like a craft organizer to put in all my small parts etc and just slide it into one of the trays.

Nice Job.

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