This is the UnFolder Organizer Wallet – I spotted this little organizer that seems to keep it all contained. The unorganizer wallet is for those frustrated with conventional organizers. The unfolder’s organizer section formalizes and tames the haphazard, paper flurry of loose, losable notes. The Wallet section hold twice the usual wallet’s contents in half the space.  The Creator called it the unfolder because it unfold one’s life and unfold one’ destiny.

The author states that the unfolder works because you write your note first, then you figure out where to put it in the organizer. This is accomplished because the unfolder has only one place to write: a page full of small blank stickies. Then you can move it to one of the several blank pages depending on what you need to make this note. Such as @work, @home etc… The unfolder has six blank plastic pages to store your notes on. Or you can move them as you don’t need them to your other notebook to keep them for long term storage.

The top image show the unfolder open to the wallet section. It has room for several credit cards, pen loop, and lanyard for keeping a key or two and a change pocket. The second image show the plastic pages that store your notes and you can put a few more credit cards.

This image on the right shows the wallet being held open with a toothpick.  This really is a nicely designed wallet .

More info can be found here.

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