Recently I needed to have a number for somethings I was selling on And I really didn’t want to publish my private number.

Well, I remember hearing about a new service that NetZero was offering called Private Phone. – I was just launched on June 1st – It is a Disposable Phone Number Service. Yes, it is similar to the Free email accounts (, or but now you get another Phone Number to give out instead of giving out your real private number.

How many times have you filled out forms online and they require a phone number – Well now you have one to give.. How many times were you out for the evening and meet someone but really didn’t want to give them your real number. Now you can keep your digits private and will never regret giving these ones out. (Hey – You never know if that person at the bar will end up being a psycho stalker)

Nice feature of this is when you get a voicemail on their system it will email you letting you know when a voice mail was received. You can even set it up to text message your cell phone. Plus  you can get your voicemail online or over the phone.

Another nice feature is they have local numbers – I had a choice of over 20 different areas in the Pittsburgh area to get the number I really wanted.

This really is a great way to keep some privacy and it is FREE!

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