classic moleskine

Well, last evening I just finished using up the last page in my journal I write my daily thoughts in. So, I decided it was a good time to use the Moleskine I was given. I have been saving this for quite some time. I guess I didn’t want to ruin it, since it seemed so special.

Well, honesty I really despise this notebook. I really was expecting more I guess.

My biggest complaint was that I love using fountain pens and I just received in my possession a really nice Cross Penatia Silver and Black Fountain Pen (I will post a review at a latter time). I was using some of my new ink I got Private Reserve Orange Crush. I love this ink and it just has a nice old fashioned and regal/rich look to it. Writing with this ink gives me a nice feeling.

Well I stated jotting my daily notes and flipped the page and guess what. The ink bled thru the page. So, I got out my trusty Lamy Fountain Pen with Noodlers Black Ink and it bled as well but not as much But still more then my liking. I guess I am used to using the Miquelrius Notebook. I am going to finish using the Moleskine But Can only use half the pages because the pages bleed way too much to my liking.

With this said I will only buy the Miquelrius Notebooks from now one. And they are much cheaper too. (Well they cost the same but you get more paper and a better quality of paper to boot)


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