You may be wondering “The Digital Secretary” hmmm is he off his rocker?

Well – Some people my say yes – But that is not the case here. :-)

What I am talking about is the new version of Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.0 Just released this week. Looks like my search for a secretary is now over as I can now easily write my emails and blogs easier using this software.

Want some more info: Check out the NYTimes Article “Like Having a Secretary in your PC

Some Highlights:

98.9 Percent Accuracy right out of the box without any training.
…… – That is 11 Words out of 1000 Words
99.4 Percent Accuracy after Reading the Training Script.
…… – That is Only Six errors on the page.

The Program Gets Smarter as you use it and use it to correct the errors. So Over Time the Accuracy Improves.

The Basic Version is around $100 Dollars
Available in several different versions (Legal, Medical and Professional)

The $900 Professional Version allows complete control over your PC.

Upgrade from Version 8 – Very few Differences

Tried Dictation Software in the past? Version 9 is a stronger argument then ever that for anyone who can’t or doesn’t like to type dictation software is ready for prime time – the state of this art has attained Nearly “Star Trek” polish.

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