levenger 3x5 StandI just had to give a little review of this nice product from Levenger.

I just purchased a 3×5 Docking Station – I bought the Tan Version (They also have Terra Cotta Color as well – the black is all sold out) -I call this my Hipster Docking Station.

I now keep this to the right of my keyboard and is ready for me to take some notes while working on the PC. It really is at the perfect angle for writing with a fountain pen and really has a nice leather surface to write on and underneath is a leather holder for more cards (Possibly to fit maybe 10-15 cards Blank or Otherwise). The whole unit is covered with leather is tightly stretched and wrapped. This really gives it a nice quality feel and is nice to look at as well.

First the shipping – The Docking Station even came wrapped in a nice soft cloth and came in a really nice levenger box which I will put both to good use.

The really nice thing about this is the price – It is currently on sale at Levenger for only $9.95 and only a few dollars more for shipping.

So, if you want to add a little class to your desktop with something that is functional as well and is pretty inexpensive here you go – The Hipster Docking Cradle err station and no batteries required.

It received the Merlin’s Seal of Approval.


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