stormbreakerI just saw that Cross Pen will be promoting the movie: STORMBREAKER. They will be giving away a free movie ticket to the film with each purchase of any of the Verve pens (Ball-Point, Fountain Pen, or Roller Ball)

The Movie is due out on Oct 6th in the US.

More info on STORMBREAKER from imdb:
Seems verve to be a very good cast (Alex Pettyfer, Ewan McGregor, Mickey Rourke, Bill Nighy, Sophie Okonedo, Alicia Silverstone, and more….)

The Story is Based on the First of the Best Selling Book Series by Alex Rider Novels by Anthony Horowitz.

The Official Movie Site: STORMBREAKER: You’re Never Too Young to Die – Complete with trailers and additional movie info.

And now the important part:

The Cross Verve Pen: This really is a nice looking pen. It has an invisible mechanism that allows the pen clip to retract until it is fully joined with the body of the pen, contributing to the very beautiful flowing seamless profile. Almost a object of art. The interesting part is the nib of this pen is a 360-degree, with 2 tone 18K gold. (Nib available in Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad)

verve platinum

This will be the Cross Verve’s First Movie role playing a key gadget in the movie. In a James Bond Fashion, the Verve squirts sodium pentothal. This makes anyone Alex Rider hit do what he wants for up to six hours.

Just for the movie, Cross is offering a new color a golden bronze tone. The suggested retail is $175 for the Fountain Pen, $135 for Rolling Ball and $95 for Ball Point.

Although Cross Pens have been in many movies it was stated they never have been to the extent to which it is used in STORMBREAKERS. The last movie Cross had a nice role was The DiVinci Code in which Tom Hank’s character used a Cross pen to write in his Moleskine and on His Nice Index Card Notetaker.

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And if you are as interested in reading the book as I am before the movie comes out you can purchase it at amazon:

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