First – Sorry I have been quite busy lately – Working on a couple of new web sites for several clients, and working on a clients crashed hard drive and and and and just didn’t have enough time in the day to organize myself enough to write a few blog entries.

So, It looks like I need to take a few notes from and get myself organized. Yes, I am trying but when all hell breaks loose…. Out goes my organization. ;-)

She talks about her organization scheme and what she uses. ([_] Re Read Isahrai’s Blog on Organization)  The Basis of her scheme is that she had quite a few notebooks to track her life and now she is using my favorite journal the Miquelrius 4×6 graph lined journal. She talks about how the Miquelrius that is perfect for her. That they are cheaper then Moleskines (And if you read – doesn’t have as many issues with production – Read the Google Groups Articles) She also mentions that they are the perfect size in both interior and exterior dimensions. The pages are thick enough that her Zebra Sarasa .7 doesn’t bleed through and the binding last the entire duration of the 200 page abuse. Her article then goes into great detail about her organization scheme. Her use of Check Boxes, Her Weekly Round up and how she even marks up the pages.  This really is an informative guide to help get organized.

Several of the hints and tips I have seen and used myself like on the to-do lists that she actually use the top down for work tasks and the bottom up for personal tasks.

She did give  a few Ideas that I didn’t think about – like using paper clips  to allow easy access to her “Week Page” – One for her Daily Page – and the other two for other purposes in her all-in-one Miquelrius journal.

She even uses index cards – One in the front for her grocery/shopping lists – Ideas for her blog and other publications – Her “Let It Go or Non – Nice Things Card” where she writes the things she wishes to say but never does. “Great Idea” And she also has a wish card for her dreams.

Her article goes on that she does have a journal just for her journaling but that is only taken out for coffee or the beach. (Boy I want a beach near by that is not a man made lake) :-(

I would like to welcome her to the cult umm movement  about using the Miquelrius Journals. Welcome – But I am learning quite a bit from her.

Here is the link to her Blog Entry – Isahrai on Organization with the Miquelrius Journal

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