The Atari 2600 Keychain Arcade

Yes, as you all know I love analog devices – But I am a bit of a techie as well (Hey I have a blog and design websites for a living)

Now you can have a real arcade on your keychain. As ThinkGeek Mentions – These games were visually simple, but still retain their hold as some of the most challenging and fun games ever created.

But you all know it is way to hard to carry a Atari System around with you with cartridges and controllers. Well, Until now. (Addtional Atari 2600 info)

Each keychain has a secret – They really do contain real games. All you have to do it plug in the iincluded 6 foot cable (on a batter powered reel) into the keychain and into your TV set and you can start playing some of the olde favorites

There are three keychains available:
Joystick 1 – Asteroids and Millipede
Joystick 2 – Centipede and Yar's Revenge
Paddle – Pong, Breakout and Warlords

Unfortunatly – These are single player only games. – But you can compete using high scores.

Each keychain does require 3 AAA batteries that goes into a pocket sized reel that hold the six feet of cord and the RCA jacks.

I can't wait to get my hands on one of these units. Way Cool

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