As most of you know I work at home Designing Websites and Playing Computer Doctor. I love what I do but that doesn’t mean I get bored with my workspace – Even if it is at home in my home office.

I just saw a article at Smart Money called The Cool Cubicle – Well I don’t have a cubicle I do have an office space that needs some “Personal Touches”

A few of the articles items to spruce up the cube / office with are: (Well my favorite ideas at least)

The USB Beverage Chiller – It is $19.99 from Xoxide – This little device will run off of your USB Power and keeps your Soda or any beverage of choice a nice 45 Degrees. Great idea on those Hot days and you want to keep working with out running to the fridge and keep watering down your drink with ice.

I also liked the Idea of the Ambient Weather Beacon – I really could have used this when I worked for the bank and they kept all the IT dept in the locked basement and we barely saw the light of day. This device updates itself by checking the latest forecast at the Weather Channel. But you can program this to track other info as well. This can be purchased at Amazon.
This device reminds me of the Gulf Tower in Pittsburgh which would tell the weather based on the color and if it was flashing or not.  (More info on this at Pittsburgh City Paper – You Had to ask Section)

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