I just love some projects some people do – The Little People Site is one of them. The Official Name is “Little People – A Tiny Street Art Project” It is about very tiny possibly HO size figures that are hand painted and put into the street in very cool action scenes. 

Here is an example of a Person going on a lift (elevator for us americans) set at the bottom of a real lift in London I believe. This is truly Art imitating Life.

I have been looking for quirky – cool sites – I am helping a friend get his new site (To be revieled in about a week or so) – We are looking for Cool Site – Cool Videos – Strange Things that are found on the web – So if you have any email them to me   (Alan  (at)  MerlinsTower (dot) Com) – You know the drill Remove the space and replace the words with the correct symbol – Sorry to do it this way but I hate spam and email hordes….  And if you submit any cool sites to us – We will be sure to mention your name and or blog on the new site.

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