First I want to thank my friend Dan on this tip.

This money saving tip today is: The Gas Price List via MSN Auto.

And according to their page – Branson, MO is the cheapest price only costing $1.86 a gallon
But Kaunakakai, HI is the most expensive at $3.93 a gallon.

What makes this one of the best is it doesn’t rely on people to update the prices but it receives the prices via OPIS:  Here is the info about it from overview:

    These prices are provided by OPIS. OPIS is the only comprehensive source of U.S. wholesale and retail petroleum prices, tracking more than 90,000 daily retail gasoline prices. More than 100 billion gallons of fuel are purchased annually based on an OPIS Price Index.

  • Retail prices are derived from actual credit card transactions collected from Fleet Vehicles.
  • Each day retail gasoline prices are compiled from more than 90,000 gasoline and convenience stores across the United States.
  • Because of the way fleet vehicle credit card data is reconciled, prices for a given station can trickle in over a seven day period.
  • Because 80% of gasoline that is purchased is for regular unleaded, 80% of the prices you will receive are regular unleaded.
  • Prices shown are actual pump prices.
  • Any discounts or rebates given to fleets are taken into consideration after the fact.
  • Prices include all taxes.

Thats all for this one – Sweet and easy and a nice way to find the best price within driving distance of your place. It is always nice to save a few dollars now and again.

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