vacuvinWho doesn’t enjoy a nice glass of wine with their dinner. I know I enjoy a glass every once in a while. With the Vacu Vin you can now save the wine for 3 or 4 days without it going bad. The Vacu Vin uses rubber stoppers that you put into the top and then with their pump you remove most of the air from the bottle. This creates a vacuum in the bottle keeping the wine fresh. I have been using one of these for years and I needed to order a few new rubber stoppers. To my surprise they redesigned them. The new rubber stoppers now will make a clicking sound when you removed enough air from the bottle. This really is a great improvement as before you pretty much had to guess how much air you removed. The reason to remove the air is to slow down the oxidation process that starts to happen when wine is introduced to air. Just remember these are not to be used with “Sparkling” wines doing so will make them go flat.

Now you don’t have any excuse not to open a nice bottle of wine and serve up a nice cheese platter, some grapes and some crackers and enjoy some nice company and a great evening. Plus you will not feel the need to finish the whole bottle as now you can save it for a few days without it turning into vinegar.

But Wait – Don’t know much about wine check out – Great resource in where to buy wine, How to read a Wine Label, What Wine Goes with What dinner, Nice Advice on Decanting Wine, Wine Serving Temperature, Choosing Wine Glasses, Making a wine Cellar and Most Important How to Taste Wine.

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