Today I found an interesting site: Jump2Mail.

Jump2Mail as stated on their site is:

Jump2Mail is a free web-based email retrieval application, check all your email-box from one central place – completely free, from any computer, anywhere in the world. This multi account or multi pop webmail allows you to read all your mailboxes without limit.

Jump2Mail also Gives you the following:

The webmail jump2Mail also integrates the following functions :

– Planning/Diary.
– Reminder.
– Task Manager.
– Filtering Anti-Spam.
– Personnal rules.
– Contact management System.
– Bookmark manager (in Ajax).
– RSS Reader (in Ajax).
– RSS Feed of the new malls (in progress).
– Available in 7 different languages.
– 5 different graphic topics.

Again that was taken from their site – They said it better then I could have.

But I signed up and have been looking it over and it is quite robust and easy to work with. It really is nice having all my emails all in one location – I am not always at my main PC where I have my inbox working for me – This really is pretty quite useful to see my contacts, emails, RSS feeds, ect on one screen. Best of all this is FREE – Yes, Free to use.

I will not recommend anything that I don't use – and I will be using this quite a bit while out on the road. I like services that combine multiple uses in one like

This will be going into my links to use on the road – or even at home/office if in a hurry and don't want to run another program.

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