Ok this really is a cool tool!

Are you tired of putting the little post-it notes all over you monitor to have them fall off and loose an important note to the bottom of your shoe. Or does your cat think you put the post it notes on the monitor as a play toy for their enjoyment? – Well, I saw this as I was searching around the net once again and stumbled upon "The Memory Board"

The Memory Board - Monitor Notebook

The Memory Board – The Monitor Organizer

This is something that I need to get my hands on – While I am working I will scratch down notes that I take on those small post-it's as little reminders and things to remember or to note an interesting page, or just various pieces of info. Usually these notes are not something I would write down in my notebook/journal as I don't need a permanent record of these types of data but they are definitely important at the time. I don't have space for a whiteboard at my desk. Hey, if you saw my desk you would understand. But putting a white board around the monitor where I normally put the post-it is a fantastic idea. This is a great organizational tool.

And the cost is not that bad $12.95 and $13.95 depending on the size – The order page lists all the sizes available 15 Inch, and  17 Inch Versions are available now and 19 and 21 inch monitors are stated as coming soon. 

Here is a photo taken from their site of the memory board in action:

Memeory Board in action 

Memory Board in Action

Links: The Memory Board Website 

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