Merlin Mann of 43Folders was interviewed for an article in the National Post.

He was asked what are the Top Ways to Improve Your Life. This really is a great list of "Hints" that makes you go Hmm. As the post states these are the Super Obvious – No-Duh list of great ways to improve your life.

I recommend that you take a few moments out of your busy schedule to read thru this article and see where you can improve.

I will only shortly describe these as I recommend you heading to 43Folders to Read the full thing. And note I added my own 2 cents to this list as well.

1) Reduce Noise – Not hearing noise but the little things that are calling out for your attention. Do you really need all the messages from all the google or yahoo groups emailed to you daily. Keep the ones you read – get rid of the ones that you delete most of the time. You can also reduce noise and distractions by using your email and voicemail wisely.(see #3) If you are in the middle of a project you don't have to answer that phone. Then let the person go to voicemail – you can check them when you set time aside for it.

2) Write Things Down – I stress this one everyday – If you know you will forget why not take out that nice pen or bic pen and jot a little note to yourself that will remind you. As Merlin puts it quite well – the mind is not a very good whiteboard. So use those Moleskines, use that new Miquelrius Journal, Or use that nice new leather notepad from Levenger. If you are like me write it down to remember it. Why "Try" to remember when it only takes a few seconds to jot a note. I know I used to waste more time trying to remember then it did to write it down.

3) Focus on Action – Use the books you bought like Getting Things Done and convert your life to a nice list of actions instead of trying to "what should I be doing" Everything you do is a physical action – so focus on it.

4) Get out of your INBOX: Be it the physical Inbox on your desk, or the virtual inbox of email. Set some time aside to go thru it but don't become slave to it.

5) Get Pickier with Your Time: This I feel should have been #1 on the list. You and you alone are responsible for how you spend your time. Do you waist time doing "junk items", You know what is important to your heart but do you make time for it?  As Merlin Put it – Do you look at your blackberry more then you hug your child? What really is more important? Do you set time aside to fill your soul? Did you make an appointment to pray? Basically are you putting enough into the things that really matter?


Great Article Merlin –

Resource Links – Merlin Mann's Top 5 List of Super-Obvious "no-duhs" ways to improve your life. 


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