Camping Light This is the Firefly Light – It fits on any standard wide mouth waterbottle. This turns any of your liquids into a nice camplight.
You can hang this to light the whole tent or use it to finish reading your book and keeping a nice drink by your side.
The light in the lid has varible light levels from a nice nightlight setting to full to light the whole area.

Plus, Don't worry about using this as all the electronics are in a sealed compartment that will not get gunked up from juice or water. This also alows this to be used upright, sideways, or upside down depending on how you want to use this.

I really wish I would have know about this earlier in the year when I did some camping at Pymatuning State Park – You know the place that is know for its Bald Eagles – As PA's Largest State Park and Best known for where the Duck Walk on the Fish at the spillway. Pymatuning State Park is one of the nicest state run campgrounds that I have been to – Clean, Fun, Nice Beach on the lake. I nice place to get away from it all and still be close to home. I could see using this light at the table playing some cards, or fixing to make some mountain pie pizzas. This would definatly would have been a nice addtion to the trip.

But, I can see this handy now when taking the kids out trick-or-treating and having a nice glowing bottle of water at your side (nice if you have a red Nalgene Bottle). Or how about when you take a walk at the park and now that the sun is starting to set a little earlier each night would it not be wise to carry a flashlight at your side without having to carry extra items with you. The price for this currently at basegear is only $17.  Take a look and see for yourself.