Post It Notes OverrunAs most of you know I like using analog tools for most of my notetaking. I am constantly writing notes and Ideas for things I am currently working on. Even though analog (Pencil and Paper Journals) are good, there definately is a time and place for all technologies even online digital ones.

But which ones are the best to use? This started a small quest to see how many online notetaking services there are. Well let me tell you there are quite a few out there to choose from. Let me start this by asking everyone to please post in the comments section your favorite to use and I will take a look and write up some reviews on them. But more importantly I would like to see your take on some of these services. Why do you use the ones that you use – Ease of Use – Storage space? – Pretty Looking? Tell me I would like to know.

One of the ones I use is Google Notebook – – I like this one as I can clip interesting notes to it by using the add-on for firefox also available for IE as well. Or you can just start typing in a note on that page. Google Notebook also alows for sections in the notebook and the ability to use google search to search the notes that you wrote. A pretty plain jane easy to use notebook.

See you next time with another online notebook selection. – And The Previous link is now fixed. – Thanks Sunkman