Einstein Smoking a pipeIt is fall time here in Pennsylvania – actually almost winter (We just had our first snow fall the other day) This means it is time to enjoy the crisp fall/winter air with a few puffs on the good olde pipe.

To me smoking a pipe is a ritual – from the selection of the perfect pipe tobacco, then gently packing the briar bowl with this aromatic tobacco, to the first few puffs of the pipe then tamping the tobacco to keep it burning in the bowl as I gently puff on it.

What awes me as I puff on one of my different pipes is that the whole world seems to slow down. I can contemplate on the things at hand or just think about life in general. To me smoking a pipe is more then just smoking a cigarette(which I don't do) – a pipe has a full rich history behind it and it is much more then a quick hit of nicotine. Albert Einstein might have said it best – "I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs."

Yes, to me smoking a pipe is not to get a quick hit of nicotine – but it is a multi-sensory experience. From the aroma of the wonderfully aged tobacco to the taste of it or the feel of the warm bowl in your hand as you gently puff – creating a sight of rich clouds of smoke that seem to be alive as they waft about your head. Smoking a pipe is a medium for inner peace and as I said above a way for me to contemplate the world as it slowly passes by.

Now let me say I am not telling you to run out and buy yourself a pipe – I am just describing the reasons why I smoke a pipe. As it is getting harder and harder to find a place to enjoy a few puffs. To me smoking a pipe is a release from the hetic day filled with problems. The problems sometimes seem to drift off as the smoke drifts off as well. Sitting back puffing on my pipe also makes me slow down and I often think of other creative ways to look at the issues at hand. In a world that is rush rush rush, smoking a pipe can never be rushed.

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