Ultralingua DictionaryI have been playing with some software a friend recommended to me to try out – It is the Ultralingua English Dictionary of Definitions. What I really like about this product is that is it very easy to use. Want to look up a word click on it (their guide says it will work in most any application) I have not found any that I have tried that it didn't work is so far. Just Press the control key and right click on the word and up pops up the definition on your screen. Great for the times that you would like to make sure what you are saying is the correct word. This program recognizes conjugated verbs, plurals etc… making find the correct word that much easier.

The translations are very good (extremely complete) – Their dictionary has up to 350,000 indexed translations – including idiomatic expressions (which are expressions whose meanings cannot be inferred from the meanings of the words that make it up), Technical Terms and slang.

It was quite interesting playing around with this and learning their meanings and the etymology of the words. Some of the other features are:

The Verb Conjugator: Allows you conjugate verbs into every tense.
The Number-to-Text Converter:  19,782,007 is nineteen million seven hundred eighty-two thousand (and) seven
PowerSearch mode with Wild cards:
Automatic Translation of blocks of text (needs the Internet) Uses google to translate.
Examples of Usage (need the internet) uses google to find examples.

I tried throwing a few curve balls into it and was suprised. I typed in White Oak – I was not sure what It would tell me. Ultralingua told me that it is a Borough in Pennsylvania Population 8761 zip code 15131 – plus other cities across the US. Then it went on to tell me about the Arizona white oak (A Semi-Evergreen Shrub or small tree of Arizona and New Mexico having acorns with hemispherical cups also called Quercus Arizonica.) Ultralingua listed 9 different white oaks and various info about them.

The best part is that this program is only $29 to register.