This caught my eye since I am one of the few that actually watch all the added features to dvd's. I loved the Pop Up video style viewing of a few feature movies telling me interesting facts as I watched. Now they are selling the extra space to advertisers. Progressive Insurance will now have a pop up window showing "Roof repair: $209, taillights: $451, fender: $618.' The calculator is labeled "Progressive Direct: Insurance Damage Estimates." – I really think this is a very cool idea – I always think too much into various movies – and now I can see how much it would cost to get all these repairs. This is just one of the ways advertisers sneak their way into our lives. Hey if it keeps the cost of the DVD down some I don't mind and if it is a fun feature like this all the better.

This brings me to another subject of what you should do yearly but most people put this off as much as going to the dentist. That is shopping for insurance and the verification that you have the best insurance and are able to find free auto insurance quotes.

Last year I used a similar page and was able to get better coverage and I saved over $250 a year on my insurance. As you see on several commercials how much time did you spend on looking for your insurance coverage? – I think more people then not probably spend more time looking at YouTube then they do shopping for insurance. – Don't be one of them. Look for a good deal – Make sure you are getting all the coverage you need and not skimping just to save a buck or two. So add this to your list of thinks to look at before you need to use it.

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