A friend of mine is planning on getting married early next year and I wanted to share a few ideas for weddings that I shared to them about weddings over the past weekend helping them plan for the grand event. What was discussed this past weekend was working on the centerpieces and what to have on each table and what to plan for at the reception.

Having been to many weddings (As a participant, as a photographer, and as an assistant to the dj) I have quite a bit of experience as what to expect and what functional items to have on a table and things to help the reception work.

First and foremost- no matter how good your photographer is I would highly recommend getting those wedding cameras where your quests can help you take photos for you. I found it quite amazing the interesting and various views that the different guests will  capture. These photos will help you remember a day that is so often is a blur.

A few friends have done this at their wedding, and yes you will get a few really bad photos but the good photos did really out shine the bad ones. I would recommend putting a little note/directions with each wedding camera telling the people to take pictures that they would like to share and that these do cost to get developed and would make the wedding reception memories last longer and that if they would not let their children use and take the cameras as toys. 

Second, Hire a good DJ. This person can make or break the evening. Make sure you like the personality of the DJ and that this is someone that you can feel comfortable working with. The DJ is going to be the most important person at your reception. He/she will be working with the Photographer announcing the different events all through the night and also will work with the catering as when to have people go to the buffet table. They will also be running the various dances.

Most people will long remember the Music and Dancing and what the DJ does to help the evening BUT most wedding couples will put the least amount of money towards this. Remember most of the time you will get what you pay for.  

Well that is my two cents as a guy and someone that has been to many weddings. Get Plenty of Photos and Hire a Good DJ. 

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