Wallet Writer from Levenger'sThey have done it again – Another innovative product from Levengers. The Wallet Writer – It gives your wallet a place for you to write on. Basically it look like it is a mini version of the International Shirt Pocket Briefcase that now fits in your back pocket.

I really like this idea as there are times I don't carry my International Shirt Pocket Briefcase with me. It is rare but there are times that it is just not necessary to have with me. But then I need to take a few notes – Too hard to do on a napkin and way too easy to loose, Can't write on my business card as they are double sided and full color glossy. Now this products comes to the rescue. You are now guaranteed a place and means to write down the notes you needed to remember – Such as a book you wanted to read, a persons name and email, a street address or what ever strikes you at the moment of revelation. I know I find it much easier to use this analog way – Pencil / Pen and paper then taking notes or tidbits of info and putting it into an electronic device.

From what I read the cards are the same stock as their cards for the Shirt Pocket Briefcase – Which in my humble opinion are really nice quality and I use them all the time. These cards have a grid design on one side and rule lines on the other. I would prefer they were grid design on both sides. – The wallet comes with 50 cards and the refills are 300 cards for $18 dollars – again not a bad price for the quality of the cards.

Levenger's makes the wallet in three different styles – Billfod style for men, a compact snap style for women, and a business card holder for unisex. Of course these are made of their high quality soft full-grain leather in a range of different colors (Black, Red and Toffee). The prices for these range from $42 to $58 – $42 for the Card Wallet Writer, and $58 for either of the men's or women's wallet version. The Photo above is of the Card Wallet Writer.

If anyone is using one of these please use the comment section as I would love to hear what you think of yours.  Or if you have any other suggestions or ideas on this let me know.


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