Cup of Coffee Beans WholeRecently I joined a website called BuzzAgent – a website that gives you products to try and let other people know about them – Or to create a buzz. This is a form of word-of-mouth advertising. I guess it is like this blog where I tell you what I thought about a product I tried (The Good, The Bad and the Ugly) but in real time with live people. ;-)

Well this assignment I got sent a shipment of Storyville Coffee – I got the Prologue version of their beans (Caffeinated) They also have Epilogue (Swiss Water Decaffeinated Version) – They only have Coffee Flavored Coffee and let me tell you it is fresh – In fact they ship it to you the day they roast it. Honestly this has to be some of the freshest coffee I have ever tasted. But you don't just have to listen to me to believe this because I got some friends involved to try it out.

I was meeting some friends for our annual after-thanksgiving morning coffee and deserts – We all bring our leftover deserts and have coffee and the leftovers deserts (Pies, Cookies, cakes, etc…) . This has been a ritual for a few years. Instead of us trying to fight all the mall traffic we get together for a nice circle of friends to chat and basically have some fun and extend our Thanksgiving.

Today, I was able to serve the coffee from Storyville. I ground the beans in a new burr grinder and loaded up the Bodium French Press. The kit beside having this fresh coffee also included a DVD about coffee and coffee brewing. We actually watched the DVD that was included in the kit (fun and informative). One of the comments made was that this had to be the best coffee he has ever tasted. (He usually buys his from the local coffee house) He mentioned that their was no bitter taste at all. I told him that it  had to do with the process of making the coffee in the french press but more importantly it was also how fresh the coffee beans were. After we tried the Storyville Coffee we then tried some of the standard starbucks coffee pre-ground in the French Press. I think everyone was amazed – becuase we did the same type of brewing and time but the taste of the starbucks pre-ground was not nearly as good as the fresh tasting Storyville Brand. I think I created a coffee lover as well as one of my friends said he normally doesn't like coffee as it usually tastes bitter and / or burnt. But he loved the non bitter smooth taste of the Storyville Brand, he did like the Starbucks but did comment that the Storyville had a better taste. They all didn't know how much a good brewer (The French Press) and fresh roasted coffee beans would make a difference.

I have always been a firm believer of the French Press and the Aeropress Coffee Maker (The Makers of the Aerobie Frisbee). And this taste test this morning proved just that.

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