JML Fountain Pen SetI just saw an interesting commercial on TV: it was for a Christmas Gift Pen Set – The only information I found on it was from Woolworth.UK website:


The classic pen set is an outstanding gift with six beautifully designed writing instruments, ideal for all occasions.

The classic fountain pen nib contains one of the toughest metals, Iridium, making it virtually indestructible.

The refill flow system ensures an even supply of ink whilst writing and eliminates blotting. As well as the fountain pen, a further five high quality writing instruments are included in the classic pen set.

All are suitable for left and right handed users.

  Fountain Pen – Ball Pen – Roller Pen – Tow Colour Pen – Micro Pen – Propelling Pencil – 66 Piece Refill Set

 I just thought it interesting that in the ad they show throwing a fountain pen at a dart board (And Hitting a Bulls Eye none the less) and the pen still writes – Then they used the pen to stab a soda can and the pen still writes again.

My take of this ad is it is showing that fountain pens are not a flimsy pen but a sturdy rugged pen. They also show the pen being used for some "Fancy" writing. My take is that they noticed that people are starting to use fountain pens again and here is a quick way to get a quick buck from the people that don't know what to purchase. Now mind you I have not seen these pens and I am not against low cost fountain pens (I have several and love using them) I just hope these are somewhat reliable and nice to use as I feel this will be a easy way to introduce many people to the use of a "Fancy" fountain pen.  

The Ads here in Pittsburgh show this is available in Giant Eagle, Altmyers, Eckered Drugs, & CVS 

So whats your take? if any one can find a Google or YouTube Version of this ad let me know I will add it to the site.

Would you give this as a gift? 


Merlin – DigitalAlan 

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