The Flu BugI felt this was an important thing to remind people that yes it is now cold and flu season and there are definite was to cut down on  getting sick. Find me a cure has a list of 23 different ways to reduce the risk of getting a cold / flu. Since I work with different people and their keyboards I always carry around with me a little bottle of Purex Hand Sanitizer plus when I am done working at their desks I try to wash my hands with soap and water before leaving if at all possible.

Some of the other suggestions is to use a paper towel to turn off the water spigot when washing your hands and then use another one to open the door as there are a large percentage of people that don't wash their hands afterwards. (Well that is just sick pun intended)

Another tip is to wash twice to remove even more germs then a single wash.

And Yet Another tip is to use your knuckle to rub your eyes as the eyes are a perfect entry point for germs and the knuckle tends to have less germs then the finger tips.

Another is to cough / sneeze into your arm not your hand as you don't use your elbow to shake hand or touch objects etc… and less likely to spread them around. (Well this helps others not catch what you got and helps not get your cold back again.)

Another tips is to blot/rub your nose gently don't blow hard as that just puts the germs back into the sinus cavity.

Their list had plenty of common sense tips as well as a few that seemed over the top. But if you don't want to get sick being extreme might help.

Merlin – Keep Healthy

PS – What are you ways to prevent getting sick and what do you do when you do get sick?

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