There is a new fountain pen ink company just starting up. It is the Colfer Imperial Inks – But this company is very different from any of the other ink companies out there. As Colfer Sells his inks in Concentrated Form and you get to mix them yourself with distilled water. This is called the worlds only adjustable ink. Which means you get to select how much color you use. The inks can be made in a ratio of 4:1 to 6:1 (That is 4 parts water to one part ink concentrate – This gives you the stongest color) The 6:1 will be the lightest color. I like this Idea as I get to control the color and not the manufacture / producer of the ink.

Colfer Ink - Color Chart Colfer Imperial Inks - Color Chart
Colfer Imperial Ink Color Chart – Links to Fountain Pen Network Page

Using these inks from what I read there are just a few rules to follow – First only use after mixing them with distilled water and second only mix the colors after mixing them with distilled water. Yes you can play chemist and mix the colors to make your own trademark color for your favorite fountain pen. I really like the colors that are available and I think it would be nice to have an economical ink that works as well as it is described. (I am going to have to save my pennies up and purchase a few of this inks) From the charts my favorites are Signat RedCotes de NuitsNew York Central JadeBlue Spruce and Soveriegn Blue.

BTW – once I do get my hands on some of this ink I will be writing out a full review for all to read. 

Addtional Notes – You can purchase these pre mixed or in several various options from small EZTrav vial or the EZUze or the complete kit 1oz of concentrate and a 2oz mixing bottle.

I have to admit I love trains and I just love Colfer's Logo: Wow one Great Train: The Pennslyvania T1 Steam Engine Streamlined.

Colfer Imperial Ink LOGO
Link to Order Inks from Colfer's Page

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