Santa Smoking Pipe

I was reading alright googling some info on my current favorite tobacco and came across this list of pipe tobaccos to try.

This list is part of the FAQ for the ALT.SMOKERS.PIPES – This list was created for the following reasons:

The idea behind this list is to give the intermediate pipe smoker a specific and convenient list of blends to try, in order to broaden one's tastes and establish greater common ground with one's fellow pipesmokers.

 The List has Straight Virginians – Virginians Flake – Virginian/Perique Blends – Virginian / Burley Blends – English Blends – American Blends – Oriental Blends – Balkan Blends – and Ropes and Plugs.

You can view the list with names and reviews of the different pipe tobaccos here

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