Aeropress Making CoffeeWell it has been some time since I purchased my Aeropress Coffee Maker and have been using it almost daily (3 or 4 times a week) for about 8 months or so (I forgot when I purchased it) I absolutely love the coffee that this device makes. Plus it is so very easy to use.

Here is what I do to make coffee with this is to grind two scoops of beans with my burr grinder I have it set to espresso grind. I then pour it into the aeropress. (To setup the aeropress all you do in put in a filter on the bottom twist the cap on to the press and you are done) Next heat the water I use water that is about 165 degrees (This seems to be the perfect temp for coffee as it will not release bitterness) and pour to the top of the #3 marked oval. Next I use the included paddle to swish the coffee around for about 10 to 20 secs. Then I put the plunger into the top and start the pressing. The pressing takes about 25 to 35 seconds to completely get all the water thru the grinds. I am usually using a larger 14oz coffee mug. The coffee is only about 1/2 full don't be alarmed you need to add additional water to the desired level as you have espresso strength coffee without it. Depending on how I feel I may add cream and sugar or just drink it black. Thats it about 90 secs to a perfect cup of joe. (Note: As I write this I am drinking a cup)

The coffee this device produces is the smoothest and best tasting coffee ever. Even if you go to Starbucks or your local coffee joint you will not get a better cup of coffee. Yes every once in a while I will use my french press but that usually has a fine gritty taste as it doesn't filter as well as this does. But it does produce a nice foamy crema on top. But 95% of the time I am using the aeropress – In fact I have not used my nice drip coffee maker since I got this. (Anyone want to buy a used coffee maker – It is a Cuisinart® Brew Central Coffee maker)

The past few weeks have been great using the Storyville Coffee I got as a buzz agent. If you remember this is the coffee that is roasted the day it is shipped. SO it is very fresh and very tasty. Well for the other evening for the beer tasting my good life long friend Dave decided to come as well. Well he Showed up bringing gifts. First, he is a coffee snob and roasts his own beans at home. Well, I decided to ask a true coffee snob what he thought of the aeropress and what it produces. He was impressed with the flavor and sweetness from his own beans. So much in fact he will be placing an order for the aeropress coffee maker. Yes he said he read the hype online about it but just could not believe how well it produced a cup of coffee until he tasted it. In fact he called me this morning and said he brewed coffee with his beans and said it just didn't have the same amount of flavor as the aeropress coffee maker produced.

If anyone needs a good Christmas Present Idea I would suggest giving one of these. 

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