Writing Desk Wallpaper from Richard PensI figure I would share a few of the wallpaper sites I found when I was trying to spruce up my desktop. I was tired of the plain boring parchment paper look and was just sprucing things up.

The First site has some wonderful screen candy at PenHero.com –  Most of Sheaffer Pens beautifuly displayed with gorgeous backgrounds.

Secod Site Richard Binders Site – From nicely setup writing desk from the 20's to Fountain Pens Nicely displayed with classic postcards and various other old looking backgrounds – Very Classy. He also has a second page of desktop wallpapers – Featuring the Parker 51 Series Fountain Pen – Others from the Parker Family – some from Esterbrook, a few from Eversharp, Wasp and more.

Third Site Mark Bacas Fountain Pen Wallpaper has some wonderfully designed fountain pen wallpapers from the Basic Black Monte Blanc to the Firey Orange Lamy Wall Paper and many others in between.  

Fourth Site is Advertising images from Cross Pens. I found many of them would make some nice wallpaper for your computer's desktop. 

But if you want to look at some parchment Take a gander at the few offered by Elated Pages.

Plus a nicely created Parchment paper Wallpaper can be found at Pieces of Eight.

I hope I helped you revamp your desktop with a little touch of class of a nice fountain pen or the olde style look of some nice rich parchment paper. Either way Enjoy the Moment.


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