A PodCast Christmas CarolWant to sit down to a nice cup of eggnog – Have a few puffs on your pipe with your favorite winter pipe tobacco – and then read the story A Christmas Carol to your family. BUT Wait – Podcast Pickle and Group have produced "A Podcast Christmas Carol" It is a modernization of the traditional Christmas Carol Story. I heard it last evening on my XM as I was listening to the David Lawrence Show. (BTW Great Show to Listen To) David Lawrence is the main actor in this story as Scrooge. There is quite a cast too boot. Too Many to mention here – But I listened to this and really enjoyed the story. But for a few moments of Christmas Joy Check out The Santa Dance – A Hamster Dance Type of page featuring the True Meaning of Christmas – (Hover Your Cursor over each Dancing Santa To Read it) – This page has been around for over 8 years now and still going pretty strong. Spread the word and share the true meaning of Christmas.

Wikipedia – A Christmas Carol 


Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays From Merlins Tower! 

 Happy Holidays

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