The Metal Stylus Ink Free Pencil – It is made of Stainless Steel Alloy and is about 3.15 inches long. Grand Illusions from Cryers Hill in the UK has this Pencil for sale which will last almost forever (Or Until you loose it).

This type of pencil is one of the oldest forms of writing instruments used by many of the great thinkers and artists starting in the Medieval and Renaissance – They used a tool with a nib made of silver, lead, gold or bronze, to do what is called SilverPoint / MetalPoint. Metalpoint artwork is known through out the world. Below is one of the most famous metalpoint drawings.

Virtuvian Man By Leonardo Da Vinci - Metal Point and Ink Drawing.
Leonardo Da Vinci – Virtuvian Man

Unlike the metailpoint nibs of the past which needs a rough surface to help the metal oxidize on the paper this pencil only requires normal paper or copy paper to make its permanent mark as seen below. I can see using this to write in your journal as this makes it permanent with very limited ways to erase this mark. 

The Metal Inkless Pen

For addtional Info on Silverpoint you need to checkout SilverPoint Web – With some beautiful creations in their gallery. But MetalPoint Drawings are not just left for the master of old but there are many masters of this artwork today. You need to check out Illusions Magazine and artwork of the Late Dennis James Martin. (More on Dennis Martin – Artnet ASKArt.)

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