I enjoy looking at catalogs, and I love the Gadget sites (ie. Levengers, Hammacher Schlemmer, Think Geek, CompGeek, Cyberguys etc…) While I was drinking my morning coffee and just finished my morning run thru of my email – I took a look at FireBox.com – And their PixelBlocks Caught my eye. This really is a cool toy – I can see it almost replacing Lego's well for at least in the art department. Vision, Dream, and Fantasy – Those are the names of the sets of PixelBlocks available (550, 870 and 2000 Pieces) With any of these sets you can really make some impressive looking deisgns. Such at this nice looking Dog done all in Pixel Blocks.

PixelBlog DogBut you wonder how are you going to make your own design to play with all of these different Pixel Blocks – Don't Fear – PixelBlock.com is here to the rescue. PixelBlock Color ChartOn their Website you can upload your own photo and have it converted into your own pattern that you can follow This Free service is called Digital Stained Glass. Besides just making pictures with this interesting toy you can also build some interesting designs because these blocks allow you to connect them three different ways (Slide, Half Slide and Peg Connect) and comes in a wide array of colors. I think this would be a great mind expanding toy to play with or to at least play with your kid?

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