Catching up on a few of my RSS Feeds and I came across this interesting idea where a person is going to gather up 20GB of various data and put it onto a hard drive to be stored and then looked at again in 30 Years. He is asking to keep the file length under 10mb (Plus the file can not be NSFW, Racist or Prejudiced) You can Send a JPG, GIF, OR, PDF. No EXE as who would be able to run them, No Podcasts, and No Videos. 

Well This got me to thinking – What would I contribute that would mean something to me today and worthy enough to be re-read and looked at in 30 years. I have a few Ideas – One is to do a PDF file documenting my family and friends through the photographs and information I currently have. I may even just do this as a larger JPG file and make it a collage. I think this would be a pretty cool thing. Otherwise I am stumped as what to submit.

Here is where I ask you the readers – What would you include in this timecapsule?

Please submit a comment below and lets get a few good ideas that I can send or any one else here. If you do submit something. Let us know that as well. Sorry, Just being nebby.

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