I totally forgot that I even owned this pencil The Retro 51 Tornado Elite Pencil – I was received this Mechanical Pencil over 2 Years Ago and I thought I has lost this forever when one day it just dissapeared.


Retro 51 Tornado Elite Pencil


But so I happened to be digging in one of my Photography bags and low and behold this was stuck at the bottom just waiting to be found again. I really like this Mechanical Pencil as it was so classy looking but has an aire about itself.

The one I received was the Stainless Steel Version with a beautiful matte finish to it. The clip is very strong and will hold this pencil in place where ever you put it. (Unless You don't clip it to anything like me and Don't check the bottom of the bag Frown)

I bought this to go along with my Business Card / reporter style notebook (Another Gift as well). I was using this to take notes and sketches while shooting some photographs. It was the prefect size too only 3.5 Inches long and clipped to the Reporter Notebook Easily and it stayed in place.

What I really liked about it was the Lead Size. This Pencil Requires a 1.1mm Lead which is a much heavier line then the standard .5mm or .7 Mechanical Pencils. Plus I loved the fact that this was a twist knob top to advance the lead. This is just one very stylish looking mechanical pencil. I was upset when I could not find this pencil anymore (well more possibly upset over the cost of it and that I only had it several months)

The Current price of this Retro 51 Elite Pencil is $14.95 with a few extra leads. It was just the right price. Not too expensive but still not cheap.

I think I will be using this again for quick sketches I make and ideas. Plus this clips onto my Leather Jacket I made for my Miquelrius Journal nicely So I can have both Fountain Pen and Pencil within Easy Access.

The only drawback is that it doesn't come with an eraser built onto this pencil. So, if you need to erase something you need to carry an eraser pen with you. This doesn't bother me as I like to doodle and draw with it thus I don't need the eraser portion.

Can be Bought as "The Writers Edge

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