Crossword Puzzle - Hint Search Guide - One Across WebsiteI enjoy working on crossword puzzles – But honestly I am not always that good But I still don't resort to the answer key and would like to have some suggestions or hints. I just stumbled upon was "One Across – Search for Crossword Puzzle Answers"

Very Useful when you have a clue but honestly have no clue.

In their search engine you type in the clue given and then type in how many letters it is if the word is blank  or you can type in  ???ed?? for a 7 letter word with ED in the 4th and 5th locations.

Example: Clue is "Round"  and Pattern is "O????"  and the first letter starts with O

The Answer it gives back is

ORBIT similar to known clue (round)
OVATE similar to known clue (round)
OXEYE similar to known clue (round)


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