Writing with Fountain Pen OnlineThought I had to share a site that I came across today. It is a site that you can use your mouse to write with a broad italic style nib for a calligraphy writing. It was just fun playing around with. I did the drawing below on a laptop with only a travel mouse. You can do much better if you have a pen tablet to really get that fountain pen feel. Funny thing is that the Fountain Pen looks like a stick. You do get two choices of ink colors a nice Black and a bright red. You do get to draw and write on a nice piece of parchment paper on the screen. There is no easy way to save what you draw – The only way I saw you can do it is to screen capture the whole screen and paste it into a graphic editor and crop down to what you want to save.

Sorry for not posting the link to Pen and Ink 

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