Today I found a real time saver when it comes to searching for information. It is called CrossEngine – Beyond Search.

To use this new search engine is pretty easy type what you are looking for in the search box and press enter – You will have then just searched for your term in google.

Ok, I will wait tell you stop saying "Yeah Whats the Big Deal" – Well here is where the WEB 2.0 / AJAX comes into play – Which is what this search engine uses.

You will notice little tabs across the top:

WEB, Images, Video, News, Blog, Shopping, Reference, Files, Tags, Social

Each of the Tabs list all of the search engines available under the search box.

Example: The Web Tab Has These listed:

Google, Yahoo, Live, Ask, AOL, Exalead, Gigablast, DMOZ, Altavista, UTN, All The Web, Snab, WotBox, Hakia, Clush and Many Many more

There are quite the selection of all the different forms of search – You can instantly at the click of a button best of the best and a few that you may not have heard of.

I really liked the image search – Google, Yahoo, PhotoBucket, Flickr, Getty and again many more.

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